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Here's how you should respond in an active shooter situation

“We’re not in grandma and grandpa days anymore, Cobb said. "We’re seeing more and more guns on the streets, more and more violence."

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — According to Everytown, an organization tracking school shootings since 2013 there have already been 34 cases of shootings on school campuses this year. 

Before Monday's shooting in Nashville, TN data showed 8 people had died and 25 others had been hurt across the country. 

Now, as many work to process the shooting in Nashville, others are wondering what they would do during an active shooter situation.

Bennie cobb: “I've seen it all and so for the average citizen, even my grandkids, and my grandchildren they have been overwhelmed; they are shocked and awed and actually frightened," Bennie Cobb a former Shelby County Sheriff's captain said.

Monday's Nashville school shooting reminded him of the ongoing risks of such violence happening anywhere, at any time. That's why today Cobb leads a security training company.  

“We’re not in grandma and grandpa days anymore, Cobb said. "We’re seeing more and more guns on the streets, more and more violence, not only in Memphis; in Shelby County but nationwide and we have to think differently than we used to. Have to have self-preservation in mind. They have to prepare their mind that something like this could happen.”   

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and cobb says that's why preparation is key. 

Cobb said that includes ensuring when you’re in any public setting that you’re always aware of your environment - alert of any possible dangers - and taking a mental of exits and entrances.

“Everybody has not been trained, everybody cannot be trained. So, what I say plan, prepare, and practice," Cobb said. "Plan what you would do if you were in a situation or if you are caught in a situation. Prepare to evacuate and get to a safe zone and practice on that in your mind; if you go to a place regularly.”   

Cobb also suggests businesses remind their workers of evacuation plans - and if possible - cover active shooter training for their team.

The security expert said that it's an investment now that could save lives later.


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