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Local attorney breaks down what lawyers look for in cases involving law enforcement

“Justice looks like the cops being charged, and charged with murder and locked up," said Paula Buress, community activist.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Calls for justice continue in the death of Tyre Nichols. After three days of being hospitalized following a traffic stop with Memphis Police on January 7th, Nichols died. 

Since his death, many community members have been calling for transparency. Another protest took place at Memphis City Hall Friday afternoon.

Early next week is when investigators plan to release video of Tyre Nichols’ traffic stop to his family. Even with that release known, there are demands for justice now which conflict with a legal process that takes time.

“Justice for Tyre! Justice for Tyre,” yelled protesters. 

Their message is clear. Who they want to hear it is clearer. 

“Jimmy,” said Paula Buress, a community activist and protester.

Protesters gathered outside City Hall demanding justice for Tyre Nichols, the 29-year-old man who ended up in the hospital after a traffic stop on January 7th and died three days later.

“It’s inhumane. We want to put a stop to it. We want justice for Tyre,” said Buress. “Justice looks like the cops being charged, and charged with murder and locked up.”

Attorney Murray Wells said any action can sometimes take time. 

“Sometimes you never really know what happens until actually the trial. In cases where there’s body cam, that can be delayed because it becomes evidence of the case itself,” said Wells, Wells & Associates Senior Partner.

It is the legal process. Wells said as a lawyer who has covered similar cases, he would have some questions himself. 

“I want to know who doesn’t have an interest in it that can tell me what happened. Medical providers don’t have an interest. I want to know what the injuries are. Then, I want to figure out how someone can sustain those injuries and certain ones that cause death,” said Wells.

Then, Wells said he would speak with police. 

“Accountability is paramount and explanation. If there is a perfectly legal rational explanation for how this young man lost his life, I would think they would get in front of that as soon as possible for the family,” said Wells. “It’s also my experience that these things find the light of day.”

Attorney Wells said when there is a delay in releasing information, it can also lead to more speculation that could be harmful to both the family and City of Memphis.

Video footage from the traffic stop is expected to be released to Nichols’ family early next week.

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