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Memphis police report more than 3,000 thefts from cars in 2022 | What you can do to protect your belongings

Police said car theft is the No. 1 crime happening in Memphis.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police Department officers have responded to more than 3,000 thefts from motor vehicle calls in 2022, according to a Facebook post.

Police said car theft is the No. 1 crime happening in Memphis and that thieves look for guns, bags, and other items that can be used or sold. 

MPD did confirm there are "crews" working together to commit these crimes. However, MPD did not say if they arrested any members of the groups and if they are going to increase patrol in areas where the most thefts happen. 

According to the Memphis Data Hub, the majority of the break-ins are happening in the downtown and southeast Memphis area. 

Police shared some ways to help you avoid having your car broken into:

  • Never leave anything valuable in your car
  • Always close your doors
  • Park your car where there's good light
  • If your car has an alarm, make sure it works
  • Consider installing motion cameras in your car

Police said if you have to leave things in your car, remember to close your doors and lock them. 

Mechanics are noticing that people are leaving their doors unlocked or their windows down to avoid their windows being smashed in, but many experts said this tactic doesn't work and instead makes you are repeated target. 

The Regional Manager of Auto Glass Now in Memphis shared that he is seeing between 20-30 cars a day come to his shop because of the uptick in car break-ins. Cars he's seeing targeted are newer models, chargers, and challengers. 

The repair of a broken window can cost more than $200, and most insurance companies will pay for it if you have a comprehensive insurance plan.

Just a friendly reminder!! Don't be a victim! Stow it, Don't Show it!!

Posted by Memphis Police Department est.1827 on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Editor's note: This story originally reported that Memphis Police has responded to 3,000 stolen car calls this year. This was an error in translation from MPD's original Spanish-language post on Facebook. We have since corrected the headline. 

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