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Multiple law enforcement agencies partner to target burglars, felons in “Operation All-In”

Multiple law enforcement agencies partner to target burglars, felons in “Operation All-In”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) –  All boots were on the ground for multiple law enforcement agencies in Shelby County Tuesday night. An operation aimed at crime reduction is a direct response to an uptick in car burglaries and property crime on Tuesdays.

Collierville, Germantown, and Memphis police plus Tennessee Highway Patrol worked together with Shelby County deputies to catch criminals. The departments shared collected data, finding the same “prime time” for crimes.  

“We’re seeing an uptick in crime, particularly on Tuesdays, that’s why we’re doing it on a Tuesday night because we’re trying to catch some of these burglary rings,” said Sheriff Floyd Bonner. 

So, they formed “Operation All-In” with a command post at Winchester and Riverdale. 

“There are so many like and similar M.O.s when it came to car break-ins and burglaries and assaults,” explained Bonner.

The multi-agency operation gave officers a chance to apprehend suspects already wanted plus to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

“People who are out loitering around specifically at businesses and different things like that,” shared Deputy Andreas Nunley.

Local 24 News got the chance to ride along with Nunley, who was soon running tags, insuring vehicles were not stolen throughout the evening. 

It wasn’t long before Nunley responded to an emergency call and began speeding through traffic to help catch suspects. Tuesday night, a fleeing car took off from a deputy after an attempted traffic stop. It caused a wreck along Shelby Drive, near Southwind High School. One juvenile suspect was detained, but deputies went searching for two others believed to be armed.  

“It’s illegal for them to have guns in the first place, so now you got to figure out okay why do you have them and what are you doing,” said Nunley. “That is one of the reasons we’re out here.”

Sheriff Bonner, says information on Tuesday’s operation will be released by Wednesday. Its success will help determine if the operation will be conducted again.