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Shelby County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshals Service, & TBI team up for Operation Rock & Roll targeting sex offenders

The two-week operation focused on Sex Offender Registry compliance and fugitive warrants.
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sheriff Floyd Bonner, Jr. is pleased to announce the May 21 conclusion of an immensely successful operation with the United States Marshals Service and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which focused on a two-week Sex Offender Registry compliance and fugitive warrant operation named, “OPERATION ROCK & ROLL”.

"The Marshals Service was proud to partner with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and TBI on this sex offender compliance and fugitive operation," said U.S. Marshal Tyreece Miller. "Safe communities are a priority for the Marshals, and we will continue to answer the call for assistance."

“TBI intelligence analysts worked weeks in advance gathering key information, as well as during the operation, to support officers on the ground,” said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Shelly Smitherman. “Helping ensure the success of operations like this one is a key reason the TBI was created and we will continue to help our fellow law enforcement agencies in whatever ways we can.”

“My thanks to the U.S. Marshals Service and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for their partnership for this operation. Hundreds of hours of teamwork were devoted to this mission by the Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Bureau, deputies in the Sex Offender Registry, Deputy U.S. Marshal’s and Task Force Officers, and the TBI personnel who were involved in this operation,” said Sheriff Bonner.

Week One, May 10-14, focused on the compliance of registered sexual and violent sexual offenders who report to the Sheriff’s Office for updates and mandatory annually or quarterly reporting.  Teams searched for these registered sexual offenders who had absconded from the registry with warrants issued by their reporting agencies (Bureau of Prisons and Parole, SCSO, or Memphis PD).

Week Two, May 17-20, focused on sexual and violent sexual offenders who had absconded from the registry and had warrants, or individuals who had warrants for their arrest for sexual and violent sexual offenses who had not reported to court and were not yet on the registry.

First Week Compliance Statistics

Total Offenders Prepped for Operation: 220 (141 Active, 5 Absconders, 13 Incarcerated-Verified, 35 Moved Out-of-State, 5 Deported-Verified, 2 Terminated, 5 Deceased, 14 Changed to Other Agencies)

  • Total Offenders Targeted: 146
  • Total Offenders Contacted: 67
  • Total Offenders Not Contacted: 72
  • Total Offenders Compliant: 99
  • Total Offender Non-Compliant: 10
  • Total Arrests: 4
  • Total Warrants Written and/or Served: 10
  • Weapons Seized: 0
  • Possible Absconders: 5
  • Total Violations: 10 (3 Driver’s License/Sex Offender Identification “Code 88” Violations, 5 Address Violations, 2 Vehicle Violations)

Second Week Fugitive/Warrants Statistics

  • Total Offenders Targeted: 248
  • Total Arrests: 82
  • Total Warrants Cleared by Arrests: 94
    • Felony Warrants: 89
    • Misdemeanor Warrants: 4
    • NCIC Warrant (MS): 1
  • Total Attempts with No Contact: 118
  • Total Not Attempted: 9
  • Total Most Likely Out of State: 16
  • Total Verified Deceased: 13
  • Total Verified Incarcerated: 8
  • Total Verified Deported: 2
  • Total Arrests Broken Down:
    • Violation of the Sex Offender Registry (Absconders): 60
    • Absconder from Mississippi: 1
    • Sexual/Violent Sexual Offense Arrests (Not Registered): 22
    • Aggravated Rape: 4
    • Aggravated Sexual Battery: 1
    • Aggravated Statutory Rape: 1
    • Criminal Attempt to Commit Rape: 1
    • Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor: 1
    • Rape: 1
    • Rape of a Child: 5
    • Sexual Battery: 1
    • Sexual Battery by an Authority Figure: 3
    • Solicitation of a Minor to-wit: Aggravated Statutory Rape: 2
    • Statutory Rape: 1