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With more details expected to be announced over the coming days, here's a timeline of what we know so far about the death of Tyre Nichols

"Our lives will never be the same again, and we just want justice for my baby brother. He did not deserve this," said Keyana Dixon, Tyre's Sister.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Since it began, the story of Tyre Nichols has drawn national and international attention, sparking three separate investigations.  

While the family waits to see what really went down the night that led to their son’s death, one thing remains clear — the demand for justice.

Jan. 7, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) said they attempted a traffic stop of Nichols due to reckless driving. The stop took place around 8:30 p.m. around Raines and Ross Road. 

Following two "confrontations," the 29 year-old was sent to St. Francis hospital in critical condition — MPD said he was complaining about shortness of breath. 

Nichols’ family said when they saw him, he was almost unrecognizable.

"I've been in the streets — not my brother. At the end of the day my brother did not deserve this," Jamal Dupree said.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy requested the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation conduct a "use of force" investigation. During this time the officers at MPD who responded to the traffic stop were relieved from duty.

Nichols passed away in the hospital on Jan. 10. Demonstrations started to occur over the following days across Memphis. 

On Jan. 14, protestors appeared outside MPD’s Ridgeway station, the following Monday, protestors appeared at city hall and at the National Civil Rights Museum.

"The anguish that this has caused my family, our lives will never be the same again, and we just want justice for my baby brother. He did not deserve this," said Keyana Dixon, Tyre's Sister.

Through all this time, Nichols’ family and friends demanded MPD release video footage of the traffic stop, and that the officers involved would be fired from MPD as well as charged with 1st degree murder.

On Jan. 16, it was announced the family would retain the help of well-known civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

On Jan. 17, a memorial service was held for Nichols — one week after his death. There, family, friends and local activists banded together and shared the impact Nichols had on them as well as the light he brought into their lives. They continued their calls for justice.

"We have a problem with policing — unjust policing — and God allowed one of the most beautiful human beings to be used as a vessel for change," said Kareem Ali, Ben Crump Investigator.

On Jan. 18, the Department of Justice and the FBI announced their federal civil rights investigation of what took place during the traffic stop.

That Friday, one of the demands of Tyre Nichols’ family was answered. MPD released the names of five officers involved on Jan. 7, and fired them from the department.

The next development will likely take place Monday, Jan. 23. Nichols’ family and their attorney are expected to meet with MPD to view the relevant footage of the traffic stop.  

After that, a press conference will be held with the Ben Crump law firm in the afternoon. On Tuesday Jan. 24, the Nichols family is expected to release their own autopsy findings from the incident.

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