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Here's where the investigation into Young Dolph's murder stands right now

The suspects' car in the murder may be the same one used in a murder in Covington, and a detective said gang retaliation may be the motive.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Monday, Covington Police confirmed there could be a connection between the car used in Young Dolph's murder in Memphis and a shooting and murder in Covington, Tennessee. 

Detective Tony Doss told ABC 24 News after the Covington High School football game on November 12th, there was an incident where people who were possibly in the same car shot two women, killing one. 

One of the women shot was the mother of a Covington football player. Covington Police identified the woman who died as Anita Wilson. 

According to police, the driver of the Mercedes pulled up next to them and fired 40 rounds from an assault rifle.

"As we investigated further, we are working with Memphis Police about this, and we do have some more evidence to show this is the vehicle," said Doss. 

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The detective said he found a common link between all of the crimes and that it's "gang-related retaliation." 

"We have been able to piece together that all of the people are (connected) in some way or another, and it has to do with gang retaliation," he said. 

In addition, he added, the Mercedes was reported stolen in Memphis about a month ago, and is reportedly connected to several additional shootings.

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Last week Memphis Police released surveillance photos of the men they believe shot and killed Young Dolph. The suspects took off in a white Mercedes Coupe.

Over the weekend, a white Mercedes believed to be the shooter's car was towed to impound by Memphis Police. MPD would not comment if the car removed from a home on the 1100 block of Bradley is the same car used in the shooting. Memphis Police also won't comment on what Covington Police have released to the public. 

"I can't say this links 100% to Dolph's homicide, but I can say that the vehicle is the same," said Doss.  

In addition to the car, Doss said there is additional evidence linking the vehicle to both shootings.

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Five days after the shooting, Young Dolph's fans are ready for the crime to be solved.  

"Dolph was a good person, a good-hearted person. I'm surprised they haven't caught anyone yet," said Kimbell Williams.

"It's Memphis, Tennessee, and it is small. We know everything. You hear so much, and people talk so much I know somebody has seen something," said Russell Smothers. 

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