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2,000 students enrolled in SCS’s first fall break learning academy

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – In the midst of a fall break, some Shelby County Schools students are spending their vacation in the classroom. Around...

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – In the midst of a fallbreak, some Shelby County Schools students are spending their vacation in theclassroom.

Around 2,000 students were enrolled for thefirst year of the Fall Break Learning Academy. 

After seeing success with the summer academy, the district offeredstudents the option to spend their vacation time learning. The district saidthe goal of the academy is to prevent any learning gaps during time off and togive students extra help if needed.

In the district, 19 schools are serving aslearning academy sites. At White Station Elementary in East Memphis, there were250 students enrolled for the week.

Dr. Tanya Kelly is the assistant principal at Dexter Elementary but thisweek she’s the fall break academy site administrator at White Station.

She said students, for the most part, have been excited aboutattending the academy.

“Some of the students asked their parents to bring them. Theydidn’t want to be at home, on the couch, bored, nothing to do and they wantedto make their time meaningful,” Dr. Kelly said. 

For elementary students, it’s very much like a normal school day. Theyfocus on reading and math skills. 

Collin Jones, a 5th grade student, said one of his favorite parts ismeeting students from other schools. It also helps him improve his math skills,he said.

“It’s very fun and the fact that I get to experience new things withpeople from different classes is very fun. I get to learn things, like I said, Ihave difficulties with math, so it helps me with my strength in math to growmore,” Jones said.

Dr. Kelly said they try to keep the school days fun, too. Each day sheimplemented a dress-up day, and on Friday they’ll have a school dance.

“We’re making it fun here at White Station Elementary. Becauseit’s fall break, we don’t want them to have any pressure or stress. We justwant them to make sure they’re having a ball here,” she said.

During the fall academy, high schoolers work on ACT prep.

During the academy, students are served free meals. The schools alsoprovide before and after care.

The district will also hold a spring break learning academy.