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This Local Cool Kid is 9-years-old, in the 4th grade – and a celebrated published author

A Cordova fourth-grader took his love of reading and learning to a new level

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Ammar Kidwai is 9-years-old, in fourth grade, and he’s also a published author. 

“I love reading so much, and I had this idea about time traveling, so I decided to write about time travel in a book,” said Ammar. “I just write and write until I’m done.” 

He’s written two books, “Rescue on Mars” and “Time Traveling with Ammar.” 

Most of his ideas start with brainstorming. Ammar said it’s the hardest part. He said his stories begin to come to life while brainstorming.

“You have to think very hard how to make it exciting, how the readers will like it,” he said.

Earlier this year, Ammar was among the 50 authors – and also the youngest – featured at the Local Book Stock event at the Memphis Public Library. 

Ammar is already hard at work on his third book.

His stories get to the heart of what he loves most: reading, learning, and adventure.

“It’s fun to write a book because it is also giving you time to take your mind off of the world and adventure while you are reading,” said Ammar. 

Ammar says he wants to own his own space exploration company and hopes to be the first person to walk on Mars. 

His books are for sale online. Find them HERE.

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