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Local Cool School: Collierville Elementary School

Collierville Elementary School was named an Apple Distinguished School because of its commitment to using technology to help students learn in the classroom.
Local Cool School: Collierville Elementary School

Forget the paper and pencil. For students at Collierville Elementary, reading, writing, and arithmetic get real. 

“We live in a digital world,” said Tyler Salyer, Principal. “Kids are born with a device in their hand, so what we’ve done is to take what we know has taken place at home already and incorporate it into the school.” 

Collierville elementary was recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, which means the technology around the school, including iPads and Macbooks, are the primary devices to help students learn in every subject.  

Innovative use of apps and learning materials are some of the ways this distinction is putting students in grades K-5 ahead of the curve. 

“We use the technology to keep the kids engaged, active in learning; to move past pencil and paper and a simple right answer, to more creativity where kids are making things, being creative and innovative,” said Salyer.