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Local Cool School: Maria Montessori School

A beginning of the school year trip, an annual tradition at Maria Montessori School on Mud Island gets them ready for the year and we learned it gets them ...
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     Hands-on. It’s at the heart of everything they do at Maria Montessori School. 
     The Montessori style of education— brings learning to life for students; putting them in the driver seat, so to speak.
“Everything we do in class has a value to our community and to ourselves,” said Josh Campbell a teacher at Maria Montessori School. 
“I think hands-on is better than a textbook or listening to a teacher lecture,” said Aubrey Walton, an eighth grader at MMS. 
     So what better way to learn about Tennessee history, regional history and Mid-South history than going to places where it’s preserved, places where it happened.
“It was interesting to see this huge mansion and this tiny slave quarters,” said Nicholas Klosky, an eighth grader at MMS.
     The teens made stops at several museums in Nashville including the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s old home and the Frist Art Museum. 
“For many of our students, they are going to be contributing members of our community, and our city as they grow older, and we want them to know about the rich history surrounding them, said Campbell. 
     The students explore. They learn– by seeing and touching. 
     All of it helps them understand the world around them. 
“If you really see it,  pick it up , hold it up, you can understand it better versus reading about it in a textbook or something,” said Klosky. 
      The students will end the school year with a trip to Boston.