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Local Cool School: MLK Prep Academy

The Frayser Community High School will feature a student-produced documentary honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.
Local Cool School: MLK Prep Academy

Inside MLK Prep Academy, students are producing a documentary that will show viewers what it is like growing up in Frayser. 

In their own words, they admit, the reality isn’t always positive.

“This is a predominately black community with higher poverty rates,” said Kendashia Smith, a senior at the high school. 

It’s also an area hit hard with crime. 

Their raw, real accounts of growing up in Memphis are part of a documentary, a class project, that looks at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. The documentary examines what has and hasn’t changed since King’s assassination in Memphis, 50 years ago, and what can be done to make those dreams a reality. 

“This is my opportunity for people that don’t know me or Frayser to understand where we are,” said Jamil Hamlet, a senior at MLK Prep Academy. “It all relates to MLK and why he came here.”

“He had a vision,” said Hamlet. “I feel like it is my goal and our goal to finish that out.” 

With a growing to-do list for the project, including more interviews, research, and editing, the teens are part of a growing movement to be heard and understood.

“They think we just complain and don’t offer any solutions or feedback,” said Smith. “I think showing them this documentary, they will see we are aware, we are affected, and want to do something.”

“We want to see change for the people that come after us,” said Smith. 

The students will feature the documentary at a school showcase on May 17th.