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Local Cool School: St. George’s Independent School

Service is at the heart of their mission, but students at St. George's Independent School wanted to do more, not just after school and on weekends. Thr...

For an entire week earlier this month, students in grades 9-12 at St. George’s Independent School in Collierville went on a crash course to understand the importance of service and to find out how to get involved in our community. 

One thing was evident. The need is great.

“I thought it was interesting that the service organizers need people to help them help people in Memphis,” said Jack Lange, Sophomore. “We are serving a greater cause.”    

Last year, students approached administrators. They wanted to know the best way to help others, and that’s how this year’s Gryph-Giving came to be. 

“I think it was meant to serve as a catalyst to the student,” said Lange. “Let’s give you this push towards service.” 

Students and teachers spent one day of the week in one subject discussing in-depth topics and participating in projects that a typical schedule wouldn’t allow.

Then students spent one day and night at the St. George’s bunkhouse, where they volunteered with a local nonprofit, learning about citizenship and leadership. 

“I think students began to open up more to the idea of it,” said senior Katie Schaefer. “There were some students who didn’t expect to enjoy the service the way that they did.” 

“In the future, this will definitely help me get out there more easily,” said sophomore Kayla Hayes. “I know exactly what places I can go.” 

“The hope is that if we reach half, a quarter, or just one, you have added another volunteer to the community,” said Emmy McClain, Upper School Director of Student Life.