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Getting kids back-to-school ready before the first day

"Some kids get super excited about it, some kids are really dragging their heels"

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first day of school is almost upon us. Most kids haven’t been asked to do much work over the summer. Which means the transition from summer break might not be the easiest.

"Some kids get super excited about it, some kids are really dragging their heels," Children’s Museum of Memphis Executive Director Stewart Burgess said.

Burgess said as a parent you can help make things a little bit easier for them.

"You definitely would want to consider both their age and their personality. You know your child best as a parent," Burgess said.

He says now is the time to start working with your children again.

"I don't think you want to go overboard in worrying about getting them prepped because you're not going to completely change their reading level or math level between now and the first week," Burgess said.

Three things he said you can start doing as that first day draws near, showing interest in the start of the school year, find two 15 minute windows to have them do some reading and writing, and choose topics your kids are interested in.

"If you layer some of that content that one or two of their favorite areas, they will find it much easier to lend their efforts to it," Burgess said.

Parents can also start getting back into the swing of things. Some things you can do to get ready yourself are going to be early the week before, getting your last minute back to school shopping done ahead of time, and start cutting down on your TV time after work so you can help the kids with any homework.

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