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Sweet as honey: a new book is all the buzz when teaching kids the value of teamwork

Do you know how much honey a bee makes in its lifetime? A bite-sized book is teaching children about teamwork one drop of honey at a time.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new children's book is all the buzz. It teaches children about teamwork. And the author uses one of the tiniest animals on earth to teach children this valuable buzz lesson. Local 24 News Weeknight Anchor Katina Rankin has this local good new story.

It takes a hive. That's the theme of a new children's book: 'Elise and Miles Meet the Honeybees'. And it's all the buzz right now for little ones like London Nichols.

"It takes kids deep into the hive, so they can experience and see what it takes not only to make a jar of honey, but what it takes to create a successful hive," said Bee 901 Co.'s Kevin Woods. "Honeybees only make about a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime."

The book highlights the many jobs of the honeybee: the lifespan of the queen bee, drone bee, worker bees, and others.

"From raising baby bees, to attending to the queen, to building honeycombs. You know, gathering pollen, nectar and how it just takes a collection of bees to make that a success," said Woods.

Children learn that by working together as a team, everyone in their community is better because of it.

"I learned how bees make honey, and Iearned that teamwork is important to achieve a goal," said London Nichols.

"Even though they're small, they can make a huge impact when they work together with their friends, their classmates, their teammates, their siblings. That no matter where they are when they work together - they can do something big," said Woods.

Bottom line: they learn making honey is hard but working together yields a sweet reward.

"The biggest lesson in the book is teamwork and working together and lending a helping hand when its needed because that's how a hive becomes successful. It's bees helping out other bees," said Woods.

Find 'Elise and Miles Meet the Honeybees' HERE.

"Elise & Miles Meet The Honeybees" by Josh Lewis This custom Bee 901 Co. book was created by our favorite children's book illustrator, Josh Lewis. This is book #6 in his "Bite-Sized Book" series. Discover what Elise and Miles have to do when they run out of our honey.