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Parents, students and community showing acts of kindness toward KCS teachers

In the face of the mask debate and a host of other challenges tied to the virus, teachers continue to show up day in day out. Now, appreciation is being shown.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — In the face of the KCS mask debate and a host of other challenges tied to the virus, teachers continue to show up everyday.

Now, parents and students are showing appreciation for that dedication.

At Ball Camp Elementary School, a group of parents and students wrote kind messages in chalk Monday night. 

Credit: Bethany Schwarz

KCS parent Kim Batdorf said her and her daughter went out to help write out a variety of kind messages.

"I mean these people love on our children for almost 200 days a year and so to be able to take 30 minutes out of my night to go and love on them was just not a question," Batdorf said.

Credit: Bethany Schwarz

She said this may be a small gesture, but it meant a lot to the teachers Tuesday morning.

"As soon as they got there and saw the front doors and all the loving messages, their moods instantly changed and they were so happy to be there and embrace the opportunity to just be an example for our children," Batdorf said.

Credit: Bethany Schwarz

Batdorf said many parents also donated money to help out teachers.

At Sequoyah Elementary School, teachers were feeling the love as well.

"We were able to send in biscuits this morning and coffee for the teachers as a little surprise," PTO president Jennifer McNally said.

Credit: Jennifer McNally

McNally is part of the effort to show appreciation for KCS teachers. She said she sent out an email to the directory of parents at Sequoyah Elementary reminding them to send a sweet note to teachers.

"As a former educator, a kind word or note of encouragement can go a very long way," McNally said. "Just knowing that you're thought of and appreciated, it makes a big difference for teachers."

At Karns High School, teachers and staff were shown appreciation with Chick-Fil-A biscuits Tuesday morning.

Credit: Karns High School
Credit: Karns High School

All across the Knox County School District, parents and students continue to show thanks and appreciation for teachers and administrators. 

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