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Parents are holding themselves accountable for low TCAP scores

The saying ‘it takes a village’ is the message parents are giving each other after the long-awaited TCAP results were announced.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The saying, ‘it takes a village,’ is the message parents are giving each other after the long-awaited TCAP results were announced. 

Many community members are pointing fingers at the district, but there are some parents who are blaming themselves too as many are fed up with how students in Memphis Shelby County schools are performing. 

TCAP scores were released Tuesday and they showed statewide, that just 30% of Tennessee students met or exceeded grade-level expectations in math and only about 36% of students were considered proficient in English language arts. Only 13% of black students and 14% of low-income families met or exceeded grade-level expectations. 

While this data isn't specific to MSCS, local parents took to social media saying it's time they hold themselves accountable. 

Some of the comments read, "It can't all be on the teachers." 

Another user said, "It takes a village, and I blame the teachers, parents, and everyone in between." 

Beverly Davis, the president of the Whitehaven Empowerment Zone echoed the comments, adding educating children requires a partnership between parents and their child's teacher.

"Come on mom and dad! Parents, you have to show up, and support your teacher! Not fight with a teacher," Davis said. "You know you have to have your child at school, on time. Education doesn't stop on the weekends! Ask your child, 'how did school go today? what do we need? do you have any projects?'" 

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While the district has many challenges to overcome when it comes to educating, Davis said parents need to use the resources that are available to fill the gap. During the school year, MSCS offers high-impact tutoring … before, during, and after-school. There are also reading camps for those who need extra help.

In the Summer, parents could enroll their children in various camps that would keep them on track ahead of the new school year. 

"We have to be a part of the education process," Davis said. "You can't say, 'hey, they are getting paid to teach." well yeah they are, but you are getting paid to be a parent because you chose to have that baby."

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The Tennessee Department of Education said TCAP scores for Memphis Shelby County Schools will not be made public until July.

In the meantime, parents who need help learning how to get involved in their child's education can reach out to either Memphis Lift or Whitehaven Empowerment Zone.

Tennessee is moving the needle in the right direction for student success! The Tennessee Department of Education...

Posted by Memphis-Shelby County Schools - MSCS on Wednesday, June 15, 2022


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