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SCS family shares reaction to phased return to in-person classroom

One Shelby County Schools mother is relieved to hear the announcement of an in-person classroom option for her son in January.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — For students in Shelby County Schools who have had a tough time adjusting to learning from home, they soon will have an in-person option. SCS is opening up classrooms again at the start of next year.  

One SCS mother describes the virtual classroom her son has attended from home as tough. And the announcement of in-person classes next year was a relief.  

“Rough," said mother Tammy Walton. "With him being autistic it’s hard for him to keep focused.” 

Walton said for her son, sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time isn’t working.  

“He needs the special learning that only he can get in a classroom setting and I’m not that qualified.” 

Shelby County Schools, Tennessee’s largest public school district, announced this week its plan for a phased return to in-person classrooms.  

For John Johnson, an 11th grader at Ridgeway High School, it means a chance to receive much-needed instruction in-person on subjects just like before the pandemic hit.  

“He wants to go back," said Walton. "He misses being in a classroom, he misses his teachers, he misses his friends. He just needs that structure of a classroom.”                                                                                                                             The district says Pre-K to 5th grades and students with exceptional needs return first in early January. Grades 6-12 return in mid-January.

For Walton it’s a welcome decision. 

“People are going to get sick no matter what. So there’s no sense in hiding everybody In the house.” 

Parents must choose their student’s learning option between October 21st and October 30th. 


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