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What will virtual learning look like for Shelby County Schools?

SCS is purchasing 95,000 devices for students.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Beginning July 6th, Shelby County School parents will have the option of choosing in-school instructions or virtual learning for the Fall.

While some may choose to physically go back into the classroom, we’re taking a closer look at how virtual learning might look.

Local 24 News Reporter, Brittani Moncrease, spoke with the school district to get a better understanding.

Access for all. That is the focus. That is the goal for Shelby County Schools.

The district is really honing in on improving resources in technology.

Our Nextdoor neighbors have many questions about the virtual learning, so we went straight to the school district.

Even before the pandemic, SCS has been locking in on technology pushing the One to One program. 

“We’ve already been teaming up with different companies telling them what we need not just with pencil and papers. We want to provide the technology,” said Jerica Phillips, SCS Communications Lead.

They have secured a partnership with Amazon and Boot Up for computer science, shifted teacher professional development to a more technical focus, and achieved a huge vote. 

“The historic vote basically means that we will provide a device for every student whether or not they already have a laptop or not,” said Phillips. 

They are purchasing 95,000 devices. 

Those choosing virtual learning for the fall will receive the devices first.

"We’ll be making sure that they get the devices first. Then, once the other devices come in again for the entire district, we’ll be exchanging those out to make sure that everyone has a brand new device,” said Phillips.

Also, teachers have some homework for the summer. 

“During this summer, what we’re really focused in on is training and supporting our teachers and parents because we know the kids are savvy,” said Phillips. 

SCS is putting together a group of teachers for virtual learning. 

Plus, they are still working with Proximity Learning to utilize remote teachers across the country.

“We can always switch right over to the digital platform for those students. If a student gets sick or a teacher gets sick and they have to be home, they can always continue to work on our learning models with distance learning,” said Phillips.

This plan is called the Strategic Action for Flexible Education or S.A.F.E. Entry for short. 

The full plan rolls out Monday.

Parents have from July 6 to July 18 to make a decision. 

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