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Tips to succeed on AP tests

One organization wants to make sure high school students are prepared, explains Local 24 News anchor Katina Rankin in Local Good News.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — It's that time again: AP test time! Those advanced placement tests cover a range of subjects, from biology to European history, and music theory. One organization wants to make sure high school students are prepared.

Advanced placement --or AP-- tests are in full swing. They're similar to SAT subject tests. Young scholars have been taking the tests since the beginning of May.

A high score on the test indicates students are college-ready in a particular subject. The one-time test could potentially earn students college credit and save them money in the long run. But with COVID-19, the tests have changed, and Fiveable wants to give your students some basic pointers in case they're stressed about the tests.

Step 1. Pay attention to the questions.

"When you're answering a question; especially these multiple-choice questions, just take an extra second, really make sure you're reading the questions, that you feel 100% of that answer," explained Amanda DoAmaral, Fiveable Co-founder.

Step 2:  Set up your workspace.

"Clear off your desk, make sure your lighting is good, tell your family that you've got testing, give your household a heads up," DoAmaral said.

Step 3: rest the night before.

"You got to make sure you get a good night's sleep, and you get something to eat beforehand and just breathe," explained DoAmaral.

"Be confident in yourself. Know that you've done everything that you can to do the best that you can, and the rest will play out as it's supposed to play out," DoAmaral said.

Making sure your high achiever achieves is Local Good News! The tests run through the middle of June.

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