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Ballet on Wheels to donate to Alpha Omega veterans

“We decided that the community has been so good to us that we needed to give back,” said Doris Boyd.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been hearing some great stories about people helping one another.

This time, it’s an organization helping another organization.

Local 24 News Reporter Brittani Moncrease is showing how Ballet on Wheels is lending a hand to Alpha Omega.

On Nextdoor, I asked our neighbors to share Moments of Hope. Many people have done just that, including one organization, Ballet on Wheels.

Check out how they are helping veterans.

Imagine a dancer with no stage, no studio, homeless in the field of performing arts. That was Ballet on Wheels.

“Ballet on Wheels is a unique organization that basically got its name from its origin. We actually went to various schools, churches, where ever we were allowed to go,” said Doris Boyd, Ballet on Wheels Board of Directors Chair.

They didn't have place to dance until they found a permanent studio in a church on Cooper Street.

“It’s been very rewarding to us, to the students and to the family. I would also say to the community because we’re so grateful," said Boyd.

In understanding how grateful they are, they're spinning that gratitude to Alpha Omega, an organization helping veterans.

“As I’ve told people, homeless and veterans should not be in the same sentence. We should be taking care of our veterans for what they’ve done for us,” said Joseph Kyles, Ballet on Wheels Board and veteran.

Saturday, Ballet on Wheels will be donating food, pots and pans, and masks to veterans. 

“We decided that the community has been so good to us that we needed to give back,” said Boyd. “So, many of them give their lives. They serve... You still have a number of veterans in the city that are not treated as they should be.”

“These are veterans who have been misplaced and are on bad times,” said Kyles. “They’ve gone through a lot during the time of their services, so they have lost a lot and are trying to get them back into the community.”

Partnering with Word In Life Christian Church, the plan is to help at least 200 veterans.

“As a veteran, it’s my passion to help veterans as much as I can,” said Kyles.

With a shared knowledge of not having a place to call home, sacrifice is what is bringing these two organization together.

“We’re not the Oprah Winfrey’s or the Tyler Perry’s. We don’t have lots and lots of money, but that which we have, we’re willing to share,” said Boyd.

The event takes place Saturday, August 1, at the Ballet of Wheels parking lot at 1015 Cooper Street.

If you have more moments of hope, share them with us on Nextdoor.

Leap and pirouette into dance with Ballet On Wheels, an acclaimed pre-professional, dance school & youth dance company. Created in 2002 for youngsters who have a burning passion for the art of dance, Ballet On Wheels boasts a rigorous curriculum, three youth dance companies, summer dance programs and a special emphasis on community engagement and public performance exposure opportunities.
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