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Breaking out from your face mask? Local experts weigh in with options

A local esthetician says it's a common complaint

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

How is your skin doing after having to wear a face covering everywhere you go? If you’ve noticed a little acne, rashes, or bruising from the prolonged wear, you’re not alone. Local dermatologists say it’s becoming a common complaint. 

Aisha Rogers, a licensed esthetician with Skin, Body Memphis says a lot of bacteria can build up and can cause some problems. Practicing good hygiene up under the mask is key too.

“With the suffocation what it can do is contribute just more to the skin breaking out. I mentioned the pores you can’t see. A lot of our patients and clients have been telling us that they are breaking out in particular around the mouth,” Rogers explained.

The CDC recommends routinely washing your mask. You can simply hand wash it or throw it in the washing machine, but be careful what cleansers you use.

“The other common problem is the detergents because you’re washing this face mask pretty regularly so the detergents or the fabric softener that we use can cause you to have an allergic reaction and the best thing to do there is to us fragrance free,” said Dr. Hiren Pokharna, an infectious disease specialist. While it’s important to keep that mask clean, your skin hygiene is just as important. Rogers recommends using a gentle skin cleanser.

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“You always want to cleanse and tone every day but as far as scrubbing the skin you want to do that at a minimum of 3 times a week but it’s okay to do it every day when needed,” Rogers explained.

She says if you do notice a breakout, you can try a bacterial ointment on the affected area.

“Hydrocortisone, you want to think about using that when the skin is really Inflamed,” Rogers said.

And if you’re having skin irritation from the straps around the ears, try this: “There are certain headbands that you can make by yourself with some buttons on them, they are available. And actually we do that and just put them around our heads and instead of using our ears as support, we use those buttons,” said Dr. Pokharna.

Skin, Body Memphis is offering virtual consultations.  To book one, simply call them at 901-474-7636.