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Have you recovered from COVID-19? You could get paid up to $700 for a study

Key Biologics needs recovered patients to donate white blood cells and plasma.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Did you or anyone you know have COVID-19? If so, donating your blood may be worth hundreds of dollars.

The blood is needed for critical research and for potential new therapies or even vaccines.

Key Biologics based here in Memphis is looking for people who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their white blood cells and plasma.

“Individuals who are convalescent, who recovered from the infection, have a unique reservoir of cells and antibodies that can be used to support research,” said Dr. Edward Scott, Key Biologics Chief Medical Officer.

Scott is with Key Biologics in Midtown. He explained why someone who has recovered from COVID-19 should consider taking part in this study.

"You've had the disease and you've had the infection, and you know how devastating it can be. You have recovered but now your body has elements that can be used to help others," said Dr. Scott.

Dr. Scott says researchers need the antibodies from people who have recovered from the disease to help them understand the body’s immune response to the virus, in order to learn how to protect others.

Patients’ blood may also be used to create therapies for use in clinical trials involving actively ill patients or healthy volunteers. But don't worry - potential treatments won't be administered to donors. Dr. Scott says taking part in this study is similar to a typical blood donation.

Donors are compensated up to $700 for their time.

Patients should also know, the plasma they donate isn't going directly to a person with COVID-19, but academic institutions and companies use it in the fight against the virus. Scott says it’s a way for the everyday person to help others.

"It's an opportunity to fight this illness," said Scott.

To qualify, you have to be recovered from COVID-19 with no lingering symptoms, and donors can't be more than 50-years-old. To find out if you qualify, go to www.covid19research.study.

Medical scientists need patient plasma & immune cells for COVID-19 treatment development & potential vaccine discovery. Recovered patients' white blood cells can help researchers understand the body's immune response to the virus to learn how to protect others & help control the spread of the disease.

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