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COVID-19 clinic opened by Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Site is solely dedicated to treatment of coronavirus patients

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Methodist LeBonheur Hospital saw the need for a clinic solely dedicated to the treatment of coronavirus patients outside of the hospital. Doctors at the hospital about what makes the clinic unique and the difference it's made in the fight against the virus.

Hospitals have remained in business during the COVID-19 crisis. They've even had to readjust how they do the business of patient care even as the crisis presented ever changing challenges. Methodist Hospital's response is the Ambulatory COVID-19 Clinic in Cordova. As the name implies the clinic is fully dedicated to treating only patients suffering from the virus.

"The intent of COVID Clinic is to keep the patients from returning to the hospital as well as prevent them from going to the emergency rooms."

Dr. Ankireddypalli of Methodist Lebonheur Hospital, also known as Dr. Reddy, says patients of the Ambulatory COVID-19 Clinic either tested positive for the virus or were treated first at Methodist Hospital. The facility provides continued care of the patient as they experience symptoms of the virus.

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Dr. Reddy calls the clinic state of the art, designed with patient exam rooms that keep air contained inside to prevent infection of others. Staffing the hospital are Methodist doctors nurses, who were recently presented roses in appreciation for their work in a high risk facility.

The hospital will be in operation as long as this pandemic spans. To be seen here, patients must be referred by their doctor. The clinic is where they receive further tests and blood work.

"So it appears from all the data we have gathered that we understand these hospitalized patients seem to need more followup care and the Ambulatory COVID Clinic is here to assist them in this regard," said Dr. Reddy. 

The Methodist Ambulatory COVID-19 Clinic also works in tandem with their virtual clinic, part of a growing trend of remote medicine.

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