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Dietitians offer helpful ways to maintain healthy eating while abiding by “safer at home” orders due to COVID-19

Dietitians offer helpful ways to maintain healthy eating while abiding by “safer at home” orders by area mayors due to COVID-19

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

Dietitians know it can be difficult to maintain eating well when you are at home because of "safer at home" orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jennifer Presson, a registered dietitian at St. Francis Hospital, said it's important to eat well by cooking balanced meals.

"Try keeping it basic and simple back to nature as possible,” Presson said.

She recommends when the grocery store is out of meat to eat protein alternatives such as beans, tofu, and greek yogurt. Presson said it's also really important to not change your daily routine when working from home.

"Stick with your routine, wake up, get ready in the morning, make your breakfast," Presson said. "Sit down and work your normal day. Try to keep your body as close to a normal routine as you could."

For a snack, Presson recommends low-fat string cheese, whole grain crackers, and peanut butter with apples or celery. In between meals she said it's good to drink water or other calorie-free drinks to fight cravings. Presson said there are a lot of healthy recipes you can learn to make from home.

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"Try to make some canned black beans with corn with no added salt in the can with diced red pepper with a fresh squeeze of lime juice and toss it together," Presson said.

Presson said you can stock up on frozen vegetables, fruit, and low-sodium canned goods, so you don't have to go to the grocery store every week.

Kristi Edwards with 901 Nutrition said during this time people can feel down or unmotivated. What you eat can translate into food that is good for your brain. She said a healthy diet turns into a healthy mind. 

"What we feed our gut absolutely has an impact on how we feel," Edwards said.

901 Nutrition has a Facebook page called "Surviving Quarantine w/ 901 Nutrition" which offers recipes and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Edwards said before you head to the kitchen for food ask yourself if you are actually hungry. This can be a good time to practice "mindful eating."

"How hungry are you right now on a scale from one to ten or are you eating because you’re stressed or bored in this case," Edwards said.