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Going to a public place in Memphis? You soon will have to wear a mask, if Memphis City Council approves resolution

Masks alone can't protect from coronavirus as debate continues over mandatory masks in public

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

A resolution requiring masks to be worn in public places in Memphis passed the Memphis City Council after debate Tuesday night, while many council members expressed concerns over the legality of such a mandate and some of you have concerns, too.

That resolution is on its way to its second reading, which means that it is sure to go through some changes before it's all said and done. Council attorney Allan Wade says he's reviewing the resolution and by the time it comes to the final reading, that resolution will be legally solid.

But what about the real question here? Do masks reduce your chances of catching coronavirus?

Infectious disease doctor Stephen Threlkeld of Baptist Hospital says until there's a vaccine, there is nothing that is 100%, but he cites an association of doctors who says masks are 30% effective at decreasing transmission rates.

Then there's this: if healthcare workers wear masks, why wouldn't they protect you? Researchers say it also depends on the length of exposure time to an infected person. On the other hand, doctors say continued conversation should be around hand hygiene.

If you don't wash or sanitize your hands after touching an infected surface and then touch your face, not even a mask will protect you from the virus.

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