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11-year-old Kinyah Bean of B Chill Lemonade starts '10k in 30 days'

“I couldn’t let my faith waiver because if I did, then we’ll really stop working. Faith is what got us here," said Kinyah Bean.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A lot has changed for 11-year-old Kinyah Bean since starting B Chill Lemonade at age six. She’s expanded a lot, but COVID has caused a complete turn around. 

 What would normally be a busy season for 11-year-old Kinyah Bean, owner of B Chill Lemonade, has turned into quite the sour one. 

“My downside is the fact that my company has closed three locations due to COVID. We had to shift online from being in person. Being in person is what people really love about us,” said Bean. “It almost waivered my faith because it was like we’re doing everything right…It seems like nothing is working.” 

“Financially, we were accustomed to, we’ll just say in units, producing a few thousands of units a month to a hundred unit,” said Valarie Braddock, Bean's mother.

Bean started a campaign, 10k in 30 Days.  

“It’s just to help us recover from the strain that COVID has put on us,” said Ban. 

She is not only raising money for herself. She's got other organization in mind. Each day, 10% of her funds will go to a different nonprofit.  

“Many of the organizations that have been selected have also experienced a lot of financial stress as well,” said Braddock.  

“It was really big for me because the biggest thing about Kinyah, Kinyah personal and Kinyah business, the one thing that they have that’s like the biggest bond ever and keeps them intact is their need to help people. I have to. If I don’t, I feel guilty,” said Bean. 

That drive to help others spins from her own drive to remain faithful. 

For several days, she has been assembling empty boxes.  

“I couldn’t let my faith waiver because if I did, then we’ll really stop working. Faith is what got us here. That’s why there’s all these boxes because it’s like God I’m trusting you. I’ve put them up, so it’s time for you to fill them,” said Bean. 

During the 10k in 30 Days, Bean will also be going live on Facebook connecting with the community and giving an inside look into B Chill Lemonade. 

The campaign begins October 1, 2020.  

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