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Memphis residents will be required to stay inside their homes unless they are engaged in “essential services,” but what are they?

Local 24 News anchor Richard Ransom talks about the list, and some items on it may surprise you

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

In Monday’s Ransom Note: “essential services.”

It's another new phrase we're learning, like “flattening the curve” and “social distancing.”

But what are essential services? Some are obvious: anything healthcare related, grocery stores, pharmacies, or gas stations.

But the list also includes hotels, auto repair shops, electronics stores, trash pick up, mail delivery, dry cleaners, child care, funeral homes, skilled trades, banks, news media, airports, food processing, Uber, and Lyft.

And, you may or may not be glad to know, liquor stores.

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Yes, liquor stores are essential, as Denver's mayor learned the hard way. He didn't include liquor stores in his executive order Sunday, creating lines up to 300 deep at stores all over town and mariuana stores to people jam packed forgetting about social distancing. But by the end of the day, liquor stores were added and marijuana stores too, but that's for another Ransom Note.

Bottom line is, Memphis and all its municipalities do include liquor stores. including the sale of Corona.

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