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Some salons not ready to open after Shelby County Health Department gives greenlight

Strict new protocols in place for every salon and shop

SHELBY COUNTY, Tennessee —

Hair salons and barber shops got the green light from the Shelby County Health Department Monday to open on Wednesday with restrictions. Previously they were set to be allowed to reopen in phase two of the back to business plan.

Other close contact businesses like nail salons and tattoo parlors will still be closed for now. Some salon owners are more than ready to get back to business while others are still weary COVID-19 dangers. It will be a new normal for hair maintenance with new protocols for every salon and shop.

“I’m actually preparing now,” said Aza Uhuru, manager of Nappi by Nature. “I want to be already ready so when our first client walks in the door, we can go on with our regular service.”

Uhuru’s been waiting and waiting to safely service her clients.

“I wish it would have come sooner, said Uhuru. ”It has been tremendous stress on all of us.”

A stress for some that’s being lifted.

Monday, a new Shelby County Health directive was announced allowing barber shops and hair salons to open Wednesday – reversing a previous decision last week.

“We’ll be offering gloves at the door,” said augury  “We’re offering masks at the door for them if they don’t have them.”

Although they can, some salons owners are choosing to wait to reopen.

“I think it’s too soon because we are in such close contact,” said Brinetta Carlton, who owns A Natural Fit Salon and Spa.

Carlton has some clients who are more than ready to get their hair done while others are considered high-risk. 

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“I want everybody to be safe and we have to physically touch each client.”

Carlton also says she’s not opening her doors on Wednesday because of the struggle to find enough masks.

“When I look online it’s like they won’t be here until the end of June or early July, explained Carlton. “Most people are out of stock.”

Below is a list of restrictions for Shelby County barbershops and salons:

  • Businesses must check clients' temperatures and refuse admission to anyone with a fever or COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Salon and shop owners must stock hand sanitizers, soap, and/or sanitizing wipes before reopening.
  • Owners must maintain an appointment book that includes at minimum customer name, date and time of service.
  • Face coverings should be worn by stylists and customers whenever practical. All employees should wear face masks and gloves while providing services.
  • Capes, smocks, drapes, and neck strips should be one-time use between cleanings or disposable as much as possible
  • Salon and shop owners must make modifications to accommodate social distancing. Active workstations should be at least 6 feet apart.
  • Stylists should be encouraged to get tested before coming to work and stay home if they test positive for COVID-19 if they have symptoms.
  • Customers must be served by appointment-only. Walk-in customers are permitted if customers wait in their car.
  • There must be 15 between client appointments for sanitizing the client area.
  • Salon and shop owners must perform regular disinfection of high-touch surface areas and equipment.
  • Unless the customer is a minor, barbershops in hair salons must not allow non-customer companions to accompany customers during a service.

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