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Spreading #MemphisLove and some smiles during coronavirus outbreak

With a serious message, two Memphians sing their way to your funny bone

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

The coronavirus pandemic has led to extraordinary displays of creativity from people across the globe. Two Memphians are spreading joy instead of germs.

Hand washing, social distancing, quarantining. These are crucial measures we're all taking every day to help combat the COVID-19 outbreak. But also important during this time is laughter, and two Memphis residents have a new song to make you smile.

<music> "You can dance, you can jive as long as you're doing it inside. Watch that girl, behind the screen, digging the quarantine."

That's Dani Wolland and Divya Ramoo, coworkers, roommates, and best friends.

"I don't know how we spend every living minute together and never get annoyed with each other?" said Wolland.

"We just keep calling each other soul sisters throughout this," Ramoo said.

The two are originally from the Washington metro area. After working from home for a week, they decided to take a 12-hour road trip to quarantine at their family homes.

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"I think the first four hours we just did not speak to each other," said Ramoo.

"There was that meme circulating like dancing queen young and sweet stuck in quarantine, and I don't know why but I was having a lot of thoughts," Wolland said.

The video has over 50,000 views across social media platforms.

"It makes you laugh and smile, and I think during this period of isolation that's so important.”

"Our motto is ‘spread joy, not germs,’" Ramoo said.

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