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The Dog House is taking in more dogs from health professionals during COVID-19 outbreak

Local daycare cares for the pets of nurses and doctors while they take care of you

MEMPHIS, Tennessee —

The Dog House has been picking up dogs for daycare since 2018, and, in this case, being in the dog house isn't a bad thing.

This is a daycare facility, located at 3710 Summer Avenue, that is unique and special to the area and includes activities like bus rides to and from daycare, recess, and even field trips. The staff tells Local 24 News that the biggest change they have seen during the coronavirus pandemic is the interaction they have with the dogs' parents.

Owner Hayley Efrid said that before the pandemic, the Dog House would host all sorts of events with the parents and kids (dogs) such as Father-Daughter Dances and any event you could think of at school.

"On Twitter people are saying that April is just not gonna exist, but for us here, it's business as usual," she said.

Efrid says that a huge number of the dogs that attend daycare belong to health professionals, mostly nurses. She said that while they usually have dogs that belong to nurses, there has been an increase. While health professionals are working long shifts trying to contain and treat COVID-19, the Dog House is taking care of their pets.

Dog handler Abigail Hood said that, "the majority of our dogs belong to medical professionals but as of lately, it is a higher influx."

Hood said that one dog mom is a nurse and has thanked them for looking after her dog during these long, unpredictable shifts.

Staff members have said that social distancing hasn't been a huge obstacle for them.

"Usually we only have about five people on staff," Hood stated.

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One of those members includes bus driver Ryan Sullivan. He is the one who picks up the dogs to go to daycare or boarding every day and says that he absolutely loves his role at the dog house.

He also mentioned that he hasn't noticed much of a change during his routine except for seeing more dog parents come get their dogs at the end of the day.

The Dog House continues to provide care for the dogs and peace of mind for the owners during the pandemic. When it's all over, they plan on celebrating with a party.

To follow The Dog House or register for daycare, visit there website here or follow their journey on Instagram