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Are you allowed to jump county or state lines for the COVID-19 vaccine?

It's preferred you stay local for your vaccine, but currently, there is no requirement.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —

There is no doubt that people trying to get the COVID-19 vaccine are frustrated. 

They can't get appointments, or they have to wait in long lines if they do. And there is growing concern that people cross county or even state lines to get the vaccine. 

So can you drive to Fayette County or over to DeSoto County to get a shot?

Right now only two states, Florida and Washington state, are requiring proof of residency to get a vaccination. Almost everyone else is on the honor system.

You've seen the long vaccination lines in Shelby County. It's been suggested some of this is coming from out of towners coming here trying to get the vaccine. 

Tennessee is working on the honor system. There is no residency requirement. The state would like you to stay in your county and be vaccinated - but no one is stopping you from finding another location. 

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On the Tennessee Health Department vaccination website, besides Shelby County, most of the other west Tennessee counties have already moved on to vaccinating those in the 1-B category of teachers and childcare workers. 

Jumping county lines happens.

"I've seen some out of county people here getting vaccines, and I do know that some of our Dyer County residents have gone to other counties to get vaccines," said Dyer County Mayor Chris Young.

To see check the eligibility status of counties in our area, click here. 

Critics say county or state jumping is unfair, because vaccines are distributed - for the most part - by population.

In Desoto County Mississippi, compared to Shelby County, the lines are shorter and things seem to be running smoothly. At the Landers Center, the national guard checks people in. You don't show an I.D., but your name is on the appointment list. 

"If you don't have an appointment, you don't get a vaccine," said Desoto County Supervisor Lee Caldwell.

In Mississippi, there is not a county restriction to get the vaccine where you live. In fact, some counties don't have vaccination centers, so residents must go to another county for inoculation. 

An appointment is required wherever you choose to go. When you make your appointment, you have to give an address and choose a county you live in. So those who say they live in Mississippi when they don't would be lying. 

Of course, no one will be asking for your ID or paperwork to prove it.

"We're depending a lot on people to be honest and fair in what they are saying," said Caldwell.

Caldwell said they haven't had a major problem with people crossing the state lines, but if they do, they can make an adjustment.

"We haven't had abuse. If we start having abuse, then we may have to put other safeguards in place," said Caldwell.

Right now the Lander Center site is vaccinating 400 people a day. It will jump to 800 a day next week. For now, Mississippi is only accepting vaccination appointments for people getting their second dose.