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When can you sign up for next round of vaccine appointments?

An elderly couple is airing their frustrations over a lack of communication at the health department.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Many Memphians are wondering not only when it will be their turn to take the vaccine but how you sign up to take it as well.   

As you might have already heard reported, the COVID-19 vaccine appointments for the month of January have already filled up in Shelby County.  

But elderly people like James Dalton are left scrambling with how to put their name on the list for February.   

“I got on the computer and went to the health department website and the first thing it said when I clicked on the COVID story was that all the appointments in January had been filled up,” Dalton said.   

What’s lacking on the page is a list of next steps.   

“I looked around on the site and I could not find any information about what somebody could do now that the appointments were full.”  

Dalton and his wife are both 82-years-old.   

“I just lost the rest of January,” he said. “My wife and I are over 75 eligible and at risk if you will. So we wanted to get signed up.”  

In Tuesday’s COVID-19 Task Force briefing Shelby County Health Department director Alisa Haushalter indicated that some people could soon be called to get a vaccine administered.   

“The mayor’s office and our team is working on a way that people can electronically be put in the queue or if they call us we can put them in the queue for immediate notice if we have an open slot,” said Haushalter.   

Meanwhile, the Daltons are still waiting for appointment information.   

“Their plan indicates that other people, younger who have maybe comorbidities and so on are going to become eligible in certain points in time and if they all get to sign up and I can’t figure out where to go, I’m just going to get pushed back.”   

If you dial the Shelby County COVID-19 Response Center at 901-222-MASK, an automated message says the health department will provide updates and will announce when more appointments are available.