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VERIFY: Does blood type make you more prone to Coronavirus?

Kelsie Cairns researched the claim that blood type determines COVID19 vulnerability

BARTLETT, Tenn. — Throughout this whole pandemic, we've seen an epidemic, the spread of false claims and fake news.

In a time of uncertainty, it's important to remember: think before you post.

A recent news article from Radio.com said, "A new preliminary study from China reveals that your blood type may determine how vulnerable you are to coronavirus."

Specifically, a person with type A blood is more susceptible to getting it.

The results of a Chinese study said, "Blood group A had a significantly higher risk for COVID-19 compared [to] non-A blood groups."

It was study done by researchers in China analyzing a little over 2,000 patients with COVID19.

The findings said that the majority of patients had type A blood. 

Of the 206 COVID19 deaths they studied, 63 percent more had type A than "O". 

While the observation seems promising, researchers in the Mid-South say more work needs to be done before we can start drawing conclusions.

Dr. Yan Zheng, a pathologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital said, "The manuscript has not been peer-reviewed. Peer review is a process where other scientists in the same field evaluate the quality of the manuscript, and determine if it can be published."

It's when a study is published that it can be used in clinical practice.

So we can verify while this observation determined more people in the sample who had COVID-19 had type A blood, it doesn't necessarily mean type A's are at a higher risk.

There's just not enough research to prove it. 

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