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How to have a healthy holiday when faced with a big meal

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – “Start out right, so you’re not ravenous later,” said Jennifer Presson, a nutritionist at Saint Francis Ho...

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – “Start out right, so you’re not ravenous later,” saidJennifer Presson, a nutritionist at Saint Francis Hospital. 

With Thanksgiving just days away, many of us fantasize aboutthat delicious, yet sinful, meal centered around the turkey. But, did you knowthe average American will consume somewhere around 3,000 calories on theholiday?

That said, Presson explains what you eat, how much you eat, andwhen you eat all factor into a healthy holiday versus a not-so-healthy holiday.

She said, “Start out like a normal day, with a healthybreakfast. Don’t wait until you’re so hungry that you can’t wait anymore!”

Next, when it comes down to the time to serve appetizers, go forthe greens and veggies.

“Some bell pepper, celery, carrots and hummus, those are a fewgood things,” she said. 

After you’ve had some time to digest your appetizer, it’s timefor the moment of truth.

Presson said, “Start with a small plate. We don’t recommendeating off the big 10-inch dinner plate.”

When you load up your dinner plate, first go for theturkey. Make sure it’s the white meat though, since it’s a lean protein –not the dark.

Then, go for the vegetable options like collard greens. 

The last things you should load onto your plate are the starcheslike sweet potato casserole or rice dishes.

If you decide to have a drink, the USDA recommends one servingof alcohol for women and two servings for men. 

If you’re the host, Presson recommends buying measured scoopers. They’re are under $10 at any grocery store and help you and your guests serve proper portions and keep serving stations clean and tidy.

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