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Local Health Alert: Behavioral health specialist provides tips to prevent student “homework woes”

BARTLETT, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – “Homework woes are not only woes for the child, who is in the trenches of the new school year, but the par...

BARTLETT, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – “Homework woes arenot only woes for the child, who is in the trenches of the new school year, butthe parents as well,” says Jason McCown with St. Francis Hospital. 

With summer in the rear-view, homework time is back.

We sat down with McCown who works in the behavioral healthdepartment at St. Francis Hospital. He says the best way to wardoff those woes, is for parents to listen to their children.

“Parents need to pay attention to how their child learns andhelp them to figure out what the best modality may be,” he says. 

Once you get an idea of how your child learns and retains newmaterial, you can more effectively help when it’s time to hit the books. 

Now, that doesn’t mean completing your child’s homework yourself.As McCown says, teachers provide homework for a reason – for your child tolearn the material in class and then apply the information on his own, at home,so he or she can retain it.

McCown says a child’s ability to focus on homework also relies onyour child’s work environment.

He or she should work in a designated quiet, isolated space withminimal distractions, so it’s better to shut off the phone and TV.