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What's an IV hydration treatment and why should you try it?

People are praising the treatments for treating hangovers and sicknesses.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — IV hydration treatments are soaring across social media, and people are praising the treatments for treating hangovers and sicknesses. 

Sharonda Walton, a nurse practitioner and owner of Royalty Wellness Spa, performs IV hydration therapy in Memphis.

Walton said there are many vitamins and minerals IV hydration can provide. From magnesium and calcium to zinc and biotin, the options are endless.

"Our IV hydration therapy is a good way to get vitamins, minerals, amino acids into the body," Walton said. "We have a lot of people who come in who aren't feeling well, also for hangovers. We have athletes who use IV hydration because it is going directly into the bloodstream through an IV so you are getting the full amount."

Although IV hydration can assist with the effects of hangovers and illness, Walton encourages those looking to treat a hangover to have the treatment done before drinking. 

She also said IV hydration therapy is not proven to treat all illnesses and if you're very sick, you should see your doctor first.

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