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Two Memphians complete half marathons in all 50 states

“Since I’m 67, I can say it’s never too late,” said Dr. Yvonne Moore, half marathon runner.

MEMPHIS, Mo. — Two Memphians are taking strides for good health. They want to encourage others to do the same.

Change comes when we least expect it.

“Since I’m 67, I can say it’s never too late,” said Dr. Yvonne Moore, half marathon runner.

Change was right on time for Dr. Moore and Gwendolyn Campbell.

“My doctor told me you need to do more because, you know, your health issues with cholesterol,” said Campbell.

“I had some personal issues that I was battling with hypertension and pre-diabetes,” said Dr. Moore.

The two decided to take their health into their own hands.

“I started running when I was age 62,” said Campbell.

“I did my very first half marathon when I was 59. Now, I’ve done 67 of them in all 50 states,” said Dr. Moore.

They have completed half marathons in all 50 states.

“Last year with COVID, everything was canceled. This year, I had four more to go and I just said I’m not going to do this. My family said 'you’ve got this far. You can do this,' so I did. I finished at 72,” said Campbell.

“When I started out, I was traveling with my husband. Somewhere along the way he was diagnosed with cancer... Right after he passed away, COVID happened... I was stuck on 48 states for almost two years,” said Dr. Moore.

However, the mission sets the pace.

“It’s to encourage African American women, especially, to become more active in order to positively impact their health. That’s really important to me as a physician to set an example,” said Dr. Moore.

“We always laugh and say, they don’t want to mess up their hair and all this. Forget about it. Your health is first,” said Campbell.

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