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Poor air quality in Memphis means you can ride MATA for 25 cents Monday and Tuesday

The Shelby County Department of Health declared a Code Orange for air quality Monday and Tuesday.
Credit: ABC24 Staff
Bus riders and advocates held a casual forum on Saturday to talk about how they were going to push for changes to be made when it regarding the public transit system in Shelby County.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Health Department declared Code Orange advisory for air quality Monday and Tuesday in the Memphis Metro area, meaning the air quality is expected to be lower than the eight-hour National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

The advisory comes from expected high levels of Ozone in the atmosphere due to very high temperatures, low wind and little cloud cover.

The Health Department recommends the following health precautions for active adults and children, and those with respiratory issues:

  • Limit prolonged outdoor activities during afternoon hours
  • High ozone levels can cause nose, eye, throat, and lung irritation
  • High ozone levels can aggravate existing conditions and lead to increased potential for illness in this sensitive group

The reduced air quality also means residents can ride all forms of transportation with MATA for 25 cents. 

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MATA said they discount rides each time a Code Orange advisory is given.

The Health Department also gave the following tips to help reduce Ozone in the atmosphere:

  • Refuel cars and lawnmowers after 7:00 pm, avoid spills and do not “top off” tanks
  • Carpool or mass transit
  • Combine errands instead of many separate trips
  • Drive less, especially during peak hours or hot days

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