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Keeping your head above water | Staying safe when headed to the pool

"In kids one to four years of age, it (drowning) is the leading cause of death of unintentional injury,” said Dr. Beth Choby.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Summer and heat means it’s pool time for many in the Mid-South. But heading into the water means making sure folks stay safe.

ABC24 spoke with Doctor Beth Choby from Saint Francis Hospitals about how families can stay safe when having fun in polls and lakes across the area.

She said around a thousand kids in the us die each year from unintentional drowning.

"In kids one to four years of age, it is the leading cause of death of unintentional injury. When we talk about kids 5 to 19 - less kids drown, but even amongst kids 10 to 19, around 400 kids in the U.S. will die from unintentional drowning every year,” said Dr. Choby.

And it’s not just pools or lakes where parents should keep a watch. She said in younger kids around ages one and two, a big thing to look out for is the potential to drown from falling into buckets, toilets, and bathtubs, so it's best to always have an eye on your little ones.

The National Safety Council has good information for parents on water safety. Find more HERE.

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