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Dream deck built after contractor's promises fell through the floor

Kens 5’s Eyewitness Wants to Know got results. We update you on a couple who was left with no deck after paying a contractor for the project.

SAN ANTONIO — Earlier this month Eyewitness Wants to Know explained how Cori and Nathan Perry were left only with a frame after giving a decking company a down payment of $7,000 to build a new deck. The Perry's signed the contract for the new deck in early March. There was still no work done by early July. Those boards are finally being laid.

“I didn’t think we were going to have it back again until next year, honestly, next summer, maybe after tax season when we could collect the money again to build a deck because it’s not a cheap project,” said Cori.

Texas Remodeling Pros took over the project. It was able to work within the Perry’s reduced budget.

“We had the opportunity to see the story on the news and saw that we had the availability to help,” said Michael Jaskowski, owner of Texas Remodeling Pros. “As a contractor in the area, if somebody taking advantage of it’s our responsibility, I guess, to come out and help. We knew that we could give them the project that they wanted and everyone would be happy.”

“They we’re able to really work with us considering we had lost the $7,000 and had no wood to make our dreams come true for the summer," said Cori.

The finished deck will be put to use right away with a pool party this weekend.

If you have a question for Eyewitness Wants to Know, email us at EWTK@KENS5.com or call us as 210-377-8647.

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