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Financial spring cleaning tips

Spring cleaning should include cleansing more than just your home. Spruce up your finances, too.

SAN ANTONIO — Help your budget bloom with financial spring cleaning. Here are the tidying tasks you will need to tackle:

First, clear the clutter. Get rid of any unnecessary reoccurring costs.

“The little things like the $9 a month or $6 a month. There at the end of the year, those things start adding up after you have multiple in your account,” said Ryan Moore, a financial expert with the Kingman Financial Group.

Next, wipe away credit card debt.

“Don’t think that you’re stuck with an interest rate you have. There are ways to reduce it and pay down your debt faster,” said Andrew Latham, managing editor of SuperMoney. “Many of these companies do have policies just by asking what is your financial assistance program? Do I qualify? They’re required to provide it and also give you a clear understanding of whether you qualify or not.”

Then sweep away future debt by building an emergency fund.

“Even if you’re in debt, start by building a very basic emergency fund even if it’s only $1,000,” said Latham. “Because that will help you to avoid getting further in debt and tempted with high interest loans.”

Then start searching for savings on essentials.

“You don’t have to pay whatever it is that your pharmacist is telling for your prescription. There are ways to save on that," said Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert of TrueTrae. "There’s a free prescription card call Optum RX and it allows you to save on FDA approved meds at 66,000 pharmacies around the country."

Automate your organizing by using technology to keep your budget on track. The free Mint app can help manage your money.

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