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Letting it all hang out: A Mid-South nudist AirBnB

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – When it comes to AirBnBs, there are all types. You can rent a room, a whole house, a camper. In one Memphis neighborho...

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – When it comes to AirBnBs, there are all types. You can rent a room,a whole house, a camper. In one Memphis neighborhood, we found a listingwhere you can even let it all hang out. 

In one northeast Memphis neighborhood, there is a short-termrental that’s quietly flying under the radar. It’s advertising as a“male nudist bed and breakfast,” a description which surprised eventhe neighbor next door.

“(Jeni: Did you happen to notice it was a clothing-optionalAirbnb?) I did not. No, I didn’t know that,” said Adelyn Well, neighbor.

The host has almost a 5-star rating. Guests are encouraged toparticipate in the nudist lifestyle. While you can keep your clothes on in thehouse, you have to bare it all in the hot tub, according to the ad. 

For $24 a night, sleeping options include: air mattress, comfysofa in living room, floor space for blankets, or your own air mattress – orshare king-sized bed in the master suite with the host.

“What goes on here is a life-changing experience. It helpedme meet people and get comfortable with myself. And learned to love myself to behonest with you.”,” said Jake Keep, a frequent customer.

Keep says he has been staying here off and on for 8 months.“It’s kinda a humbling experience. You just have to take a risk and jumpoff that mountain. You know you only live once and I love it.”

He added, “It’s called ‘Righteous Rainbow Ranch.’ That’s whatI call this place and it changed my life and that’s what I call this place.”

The manager would only identify himself has“Jeff.”  Jeff says he lives here and is the manager.

He says a lot of people from Europe stay at the house, addingwhile a clothing optional AirBnB may seem strange, “I feel like it filtersout a lot of crazy people. If you did a regular AirBnB, you would have a lot ofguests. We have at least 5 or 6 a week and I feel that’s enough. We can chargeas much as we want – we do it for the experience.”

Shortly after we sent Airbnb the listing asking about some of thecontent, the listing was taken down. A spokesperson for the company would notcomment on why it was removed or if it will return.