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"This wouldn't happen in Germantown" | A utility pole problem in South Memphis

One resident said he got the runaround trying to get a utility pole problem fixed, until ABC 24 News got involved.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — One Memphis man said a big pole problem in his neighborhood was only fixed after ABC 24 News stepped in. 

Dwayne Jones said he got the runaround from MLGW and AT&T for months trying to get a utility pole repaired in front of the property he owns. Finally, out of desperation, he called ABC 24 for help.

MLGW installed a new utility pole at the corner of Person Avenue and Silver in South Memphis. After MLGW workers installed the new pole, they took the rest of the broken old pole and attached it to the new one. 

Jones said for months he called, emailed, and sent social media messages - and kept getting the runaround.

Credit: WATN

"Someone at MLGW just dropped the ball on this situation," said Jones.  

Jones said MLGW referred him to AT&T because the lines attached to the broken pole are not power lines. Jones said he was pinged back and forth between the two companies with no resolution. 

"I think it's ridiculous because first of all, it's a utility pole that is owned by MLGW - as I understand it - and they share it with other services, but I'm sure they have some sore of collaboration or network where they communicate. But they wouldn't do that," said Jones.

This week, ABC 24 reached out to both companies.

MLGW didn't address Jones claims about getting the runaround, but a statement from the utility company said: "MLGW is aware of this issue and has advised the customer that the communications provider must relocate their service lines to the new pole before we can remove the old one." 

By Friday morning, the pole was repaired. 

An AT&T spokesperson released a statement. It said, "Our technicians have transferred our lines to the new utility pole on Silver Street. We have also removed the broken pole at this location."

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"They say it's one person, one pole, but at the end of the day, it's an eyesore is about the community and how that pole looked before it getting fixed," said Jones.

He is glad the pole is fixed but questions why it took so long. 

"It's sad, but the message for me is the media will always get results," said Jones. "You made one call - the problem was fixed. I'm not mad at MLGW; I'm just surprised with the service we get in the inner city. This wouldn't have happened in Germantown, Collierville, or East Memphis."

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