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How you can get paid to play Fortnite

University of Memphis is looking for gamers for a research study.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —
Want to get paid $300 to play the video game Fortnite?

The University of Memphis is looking for gamers to take part in a research study evaluating the effect of caffeine or supplements on a gamer's performance.

To qualify for the study, you have to be between the ages of 18 and 40, you can't use tobacco, and you need to regularly play video games.  

"You don't see people doing tests on gamers a lot," said Allison Hobbs.

Hobbs is a gamer who is interested in the University of Memphis study.

"This is the first study we have done with active gamers," said Dr. Richard J Bloomer.

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Dr. Richard Bloomer is conducting the gaming study and is looking for gamers to play along. 

Participants will get paid $300 to play the game Fortnite, three separate times in a lab at the university. Each session lasts several hours. 

The study is evaluating whether caffeine or a proprietary herbal supplement will improve the gamer's mental ability and performance.

"A lot of the individuals involved in gaming activities are interested in using supplements because some of these individuals will play for 8, 10 hours, 12 at a time," said Bloomer.

Assessments are taken on the participant before, during, and after the gaming session.

"I felt like I knew when I had it, because it felt like it I was going to run up a wall while I was playing the game," said study participant Pierce Jackson.

Jackson took part in the study, along with three of his friends.

"If you are doing it with friends, it's really fun. The friends is what makes it fun," said Jackson.

"A lot of times I think gaming gets a bad rap. People think if you're playing hours, playing these things, you are wasting your mind away. But we do know there is some value performing certain tasks competitively and very rapidly," said Bloomer.

Bloomer says once enough gamers take part, they will analyze the data. The results are what Hobbs would like to see.

"It's really interesting to me to see what the results might be," said Hobbs.

If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for the study or want more information contact study coordinator Brandon Pigg at BLPigg@memphis.edu or 901-678-1547.

The Human Performance Center in the College of Health Sciences at the University of Memphis provides elite science support to improve human performance by solving applied practical challenges. The strength of the Human Performance Center is the scientific background of the highly credentialed scientists involved, which when combined with the experiential knowledge of practitioners, becomes a unique resource to the University of Memphis.