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Here's what Chat GPT says Memphis should do to solve its crime problems

Chat GPT believes Memphis should be focus on community policing, creating crime prevention programs, and early intervention to reduce crime.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more commonly used and even gaining people's trust

Now, a new technology called Chat GPT, which was programmed to interact with its users in a conversational way, is weighing in on what Memphis can do to resolve inner-city crime. 

Here are three "even betters" Chat GPT believes Memphis should be focus on. 

Community policing

According to Chat GPT, Memphis should first focus on community policing and trust building. 

Although community policing is often suggested, many find it hard to build trusting relationships with police officers. 

For Memphians, this advice is easier given than taken considering the recent incident of police brutality that led to Tyre Nichols death.  

Although rebuilding trust between communities and police may be a difficult task, Chat GPT said improving those relationships is crucial to creating a sense of mutual respect and understanding. 

Targeted crime prevention programs

In addition to community policing, Chat GPT said the city should invest more money to programs that directly address the common root causes of crime. 

Policing only scratches the surface when it comes to fighting crime, and it is often a means of responding to crime rather than rather than a means of preventing it. 

Chat GPT said providing the community with resources that tackle poverty, address racial disparities and systemic issues and that creates more opportunities for people is a good way to address crime at its core. 

Getting children involved in the communities they live in and making school activities and job training accessible is also helpful, Chat GPT said. 

Early Intervention and youth development

Lastly, Chat GPT said early intervention and youth development would help tremendously. 

The technology software suggests that making quality early childhood education, counseling services, and mentorship programs equally available can make a big difference. 

Early intervention has been proven as a successful defense mechanism. Crime in Memphis is a cancer, and being able to recognize key underlying factors that nurture crime early on can make room for people in the community to intervene and provide redirection and support where it is most needed. 

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