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Binghampton Residents Speak Out On Crime

Memphis police are investigating a string of shootings, including a murder, in Binghampton that all occurred this week.
Binghampton Residents Concerned About Recent Spike In Crime_20160514001201

Crime has no boundaries.

Memphis police are investigating a string of shootings, including a murder, in Binghampton that all occurred this week.
Two shootings on Tuesday around the same time. Two Wednesday at different times.
The shootings all happened in different areas of Binghampton.

Police are still looking into it.
Right now, it is just too early to say.
Folks who work, live, and play in the community said it is not all bad. You just have to know your way around here and always mind your business.

“There’s three parts to Binghampton. The high end. The low end. And the end you don’t wanna be on,”

Andrew Brown considers himself a pretty good basketball player and an even better street smart teenager.

“It teaches you to stay out of the way,” Brown said.

Brown shoots some hoops at Binghamton’s Lester Community Center with adrian henderson. A former u of m football player. The athlete knows that discipline and dedication takes team work.

“Unless you live it out it’s not effective,” Henderson said.

Henderson is involved with Downline Discipleship. A nine month Christian based training program aimed to guide lost souls in the righteous direction.

Henderson admits four shootings in a week sounds bad, but it should not define the neighborhood.

“I think we do have a sense of pride here in Binghampton. I love being here,” Henderson said.

Andrew Brown loves his neighborhood, too. He said here, though, it is just different. There are boundaries on and off the court…

“It’s a warfare, so you have to pay attention to your surroundings,” Brown said.

This week’s shooting’s happened on the east side of Binghamton.

On Johnson, Mimosa, Baltic, and Scott streets.