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Convicted Killer’s Mother Wants Justice

A couple dozen of Treveno Campbell's family and friends gathered in front of the Criminal Justice Center Saturday to pray and make a statement tha...
Treveno Campbell Vigil
A couple dozen of Treveno Campbell’s family and friends gathered in front of the Criminal Justice Center Saturday to pray and make a statement that justice was not served.
Campbell was convicted of killing Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang in 2012 during a drug raid in Northeast Memphis.
Campbell’s mother said this is an unfortunate situation for all the families involved, but she believes there are still unanswered questions and her son should not have been convicted of second degree murder.
Saturday people joined hands and prayed for Treveno Campbell, Lang’s family and local law enforcement. Soon after they marched chanting “No justice no peace” and “Free Veno.”
Campbell’s mother said they still don’t know the whole story.
“I don’t think justice was served that’s why I’m here. Justice was not served. We got an officer that pleaded the fifth and I want to know what he pleaded the fifth about,” said Trina Campbell, Treveno’s mother.
Campbell was in the Northeast Memphis home when he fired shots, killing Lang.
Campbell’s mother told reporters Treveno never would have shot if he knew police were in the house.
“I just want justice because I don’t think it was second-degree murder. I think that it was a reckless homicide if he was afraid and didn’t know what was going on and he started shooting,” said Trina Campbell.
Friday Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings was asked about the comments that Campbell should have gotten a different conviction and concerns that proper police procedure was not followed the day Officer Lang was killed.
“It was a long trial, hours and hours of testimony, and the jury made what I think is the proper decision so I’m going to defer to the jury. And understand they got to review all the evidence and again they returned a verdict that I think was appropriate,” said Director Rallings.
When asked if Memphis Police will review how officers execute search warrants Dir. Rallings said they review what police officers do constantly.
Campbell’s sentencing date is March 3.
His family says they plan to hold a demonstration that day.