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Couple Accused Of Posing As Police Officers & Kidnapping And Torturing A Man

A Memphis man and woman are behind bars, accused of pretending to be police officers and kidnapping and torturing a man, burning him so severely he needed surgery.
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A Memphis man and woman are behind bars, accused of pretending to be police officers and kidnapping and torturing a man, burning him so severely he needed surgery.

Anthony Davis and Yolanda Martin charged with especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated kidnapping, and possession of a deadly weapon.

According to the police affidavit, the victim told investigators he was leaving his home for work about 4:40 a.m. Friday, July 13th. He said a black Ford Taurus with flashing blue lights pulled up behind him, and two people approached, armed with handguns, wearing camouflage hats and black vests that said “Police.” He said the two forced him to the ground, patted him down took keys to his two cars, then handcuffed him and placed a black mask over his head. He told officers he was thrown into the Taurus, and one of his vehicles was taken.

The victim told investigators he was taken to another home, where he was placed in a chair in the living room, then tortured by someone burning him repeatedly on his neck, face, arms, and legs while being asked “Where’s the money at?” The victim said when he began to yell, the suspects stuffed a sock in his mouth, making it hard to breathe. He said the two hit him in his mouth with the gun and beat him with their fists on his arms and face. He said they removed the sock and burned him again warning him not to yell.

At this point, the victim told investigators he told the two about a storage unit he had and gave them the codes they would need to get inside. He told police he heard them leave, but then later they apparently came back and put a hot object on his arms, causing excruciating pain. He said the suspects told him they didn’t believe him and threatened to get pliers and a saw to start cutting off fingers and toes.

The victim said the suspects went into the kitchen, and that’s when he, while still masked and handcuffed, ran and dove headfirst through the front window. Passing drivers saw him and flagged down officers, and the victim was taken to Regional One with second and third-degree burns. He has had to undergo surgery for his injuries.

Investigators say they searched the home, but the suspects were gone. They found two handguns, and the Taurus, which they say had been rented by Yolanda Martin, who they say reported the car stolen after the kidnapping. Police say a print inside the Taurus was identified as that of Anthony Davis. Police say they also got surveillance photos of a man in a silver Infiniti using the victim’s code at the storage lot. Later, when police were attempting to located Martin, they say her father told investigators she had been using his silver Infiniti.

Davis was taken into custody July 19th when he went to his federal probation officer. Investigators say he was driving the silver Infiniti. When police searched his home, they found Martin inside. Police say both refused to give statements.

Bond has not been set for Davis. Martin’s bond is set at $500,000. Both are due in court Friday, July 20th.