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Crackdown On Speeders Posing Threat In East Memphis Neighborhood

Neighbors in east Memphis says speeders are posing a dangerous threat to them and their children, all times of the day and night.
Neighbors Fed Up With Speeders

Neighbors in east Memphis says speeders are posing a dangerous threat to them and their children, all times of the day and night.

Now, police are already responding to demands for a crackdown.

A viewer alerted Local 24 News about the chronic speeding problem on North White Station Road between Walnut Grove and Sam Cooper. Those with the city of Memphis and Memphis Police Department said speed control is a priority on this stretch of road, and we saw that enforcement firsthand Monday.

“It’s a speedway. It’s an absolute speedway,” says Howard Lasley. “They are probably going 60, 65.”

From his east Memphis home along North White Station Road, Lasley sees it every day, and says safe, slow driving is rarely the reality.

“Nobody is abiding by the speed limit,” says Lasley. “They speed so much, they don’t even care about the road conditions, even when it’s wet.”

With White Station a detour during recent weekend I-240 construction closures, the retired grandfather said the speeding problem is getting worse and won’t let his grandchildren anywhere close. 

“No way we are going to let them play out here next to this road. People are so reckless in their driving,” says Lasley.

A Memphis Police spokesperson said area patrol officers were checking speeders Monday afternoon, and our camera caught a driver getting a ticket in the afternoon.

We are also told MPD’s traffic task force periodically runs more extensive details in this area. That’s welcome news to Lasley.

“That’s my biggest concern, we’ve got two schools, elementary kids, there’s a lot of kids that live on this end on White Station Road that do walk to school,” says Lasley.

To help with school safety, the city of Memphis’ traffic engineering department put up reduced speed, flashing signs near Richland Elementary and White Station Middle in late 2016. Lasley questions whether it’s been enough of a deterrent for speeding or crashes.

“The first 15 months we lived here, I cleaned up wreck debris out in my gutter in this street, six different times,” says Lasley. “I think the biggest impact would be putting a light at Mason because when that light stops that flow of traffic, people are going to get tired of coming here and having to stop at that light. They’ll go back some other way.”

But a city of Memphis spokesperson said a traffic study a few years ago found adding a stop sign or light wasn’t warranted here and potentially could lead to additional safety problems. Instead, city engineers said this section of North White Station could one day get a speed enforcement camera system.

Lasley just wants drivers to slow down, especially down the hill near his home.

“They are coming too fast around that curve and obviously if the roads are slick or anything like that, they can easily lose control,” says Lasley.

We’re told city engineers identified the section of White Station as a potential site for a future speed enforcement camera system, and repaving work with possible bike lanes to calm traffic here.